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Welcome Magyar-Hun kindred


A hearty welcome to the cradle of the indigenous peoples of Europe, the Carpathian Basin. Please feel free to share your cherished thoughts with your close or distant relatives: 

Armenian, Avar, Azeri, Baktrian, Basque, Croat, Curd, Eravisci, Etruscan, Gaulois, Hungarian, Hunza, Hurrian, Irish, Jazig, Karapurak, Kassitan, Kazah, Kirzig, Kussanian, Magyar, Mayan, Mede, Nipponese, Polish, Sarmatian, Scottish, Székely, Tadzik, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Uyghur, Uzbec, Welsh;

also known as

Scythian, "People of the Light;" people of Kus, Nimrod, Gudea and Melchizedek; people of the Magus (Magi) Faith, Izzu (Jesus) and his mother, Parthian Princess Mary Adiabene-Kharax; the biblical people of Canaan, Gog, Magog, Parthia, Galilee, Samaria and Scythopolis, people who build their churches on biblical "High Places;"...

If you wish to leave a comment, or just want to voice your opinion, please follow the steps, below. We do our best to answer any questions you send us in this Guestbook. We do not censor criticism, but we do not tolerate obscene or otherwise offensive material, or derogatory statements or insinuations about us or our culture.

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Thank you for visiting our site; enjoy your stay; we look forward to hearing from you.



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