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Welcome Magyar-Hun kindred


A hearty welcome to the cradle of the indigenous peoples of Europe, the Carpathian Basin. Please feel free to share your cherished thoughts with your close or distant relatives: 

Armenian, Avar, Azeri, Baktrian, Basque, Croat, Curd, Eravisci, Etruscan, Gaulois, Hungarian, Hunza, Hurrian, Irish, Jazig, Karapurak, Kassitan, Kazah, Kirzig, Kussanian, Magyar, Mayan, Mede, Nipponese, Polish, Sarmatian, Scottish, Székely, Tadzik, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Uyghur, Uzbec, Welsh;

also known as

Scythian, "People of the Light;" people of Kus, Nimrod, Gudea and Melchizedek; people of the Magus (Magi) Faith, Izzu (Jesus) and his mother, Parthian Princess Mary Adiabene-Kharax; the biblical people of Canaan, Gog, Magog, Parthia, Galilee, Samaria and Scythopolis, people who build their churches on biblical "High Places;"...

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Hozzászólások megtekintése


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